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Gold Coast Art 'n Frames is a privately owned Custom Picture Framing business located on the Central Coast of California. We offer superior quality archival picture framing and supplies at affordable prices. For 10+ years we have served Framers, Fine art & Photography Galleries, Interior Designers and our Local and Regional Artists. Come see for your self! Our store front has over 3,000 different Molding samples, lots of ready-made frames, hundreds of Rag mats and a wide selection of picture framing supplies for wholesale and retail! Click here to view our framing Products!
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A new way to picture it

Gold Coast Art 'n Frames highlights artists


Whether you’re an artist or just enjoy beautiful things, a few rules apply when it comes to art. First, the choice of frame can make or break an image. And second, art can’t be considered good, bad, or excellent if no one ever gets to see it.

As a photographer and owner of Gold Coast Art ‘n Frames, Gary Brandes knows these rules well. So when he relocated to 610 E. Main St.—where he helps artists with frames, glass, and other accessories to enhance their work—he set up an upscale art gallery as well.

Brandes said that with so many galleries closing in Santa Maria and in San Luis Obispo, galleries he’s worked with, he was more than happy to provide space to show art in his location. He said he was especially sad to see David Ryan Gallery close two years ago, and with so few upscale options for showing art, Brandes wanted to do what he could.

“It’s always been my dream to get a gallery going for artists to show their work,” he said. “I’m just taking a chance with the economy the way it is. My lease was up at the old place, so I thought I might as well put it all on the line.”

Brandes has spent 13 years in the framing business and just as long as a photographer.

“I just kind of fell into this because of my photography,” he explained. “I bought a wholesale business and it just kind of developed.”

Artists can lease a wall at his shop for $50 a month with a three-month commitment and a small commission fee. Brandes juries the art that goes into the gallery to make sure it adheres to standards and, of course, that the frames are flattering to the work—whether he does the framing or the artists have it done elsewhere.

“I always tell my artists to frame for the art, not for the surroundings,” he said. “Too many times, people come in here and want a frame to match the sofa, but if it doesn’t match the picture, it doesn’t add to the image—it ends up taking away from it.”

From an artistic standpoint, Brandes also knows the amount of effort and inspiration that goes into a piece, and that it’s a shame to employ a frame that ruins the overall effect.

Brandes said photography has been the love of his life. He often seeks out nature scenes, enjoying the quiet and peace when he’s on a shoot. He also photographs architectural pieces like missions and ghost towns.

“For me, to get the right photo, you have to make the feeling work,” he said.

He pointed to a photo of a wagon wheel with some abandoned buildings off in the distance. The image evokes a feeling of isolation and desertion, yet peace and solitude. Brandes had to drop to his stomach to get everything in view. Not all images, however, require such physicality.
“Sometimes it’s right in front of you and you just have to take the picture,” he said.

Lying down or standing up, art takes work. And with all the effort artists put into their craft, Brandes wants to make sure the resulting pieces get plenty of exposure.

“The local artists have always supported me, and I have always supported them, and I think this is a great way to work together,” Brandes said.

Arts Editor Shelly Cone sometimes gets down in the dirt to write. Contact her at scone@santamariasun.com.

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